How well do you know what high school football coaches actually want from their starting freshmen quarterbacks?
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By far, the majority of coaches tell us that when deciding on quarterbacks, they are looking foremost for a leader who can make fast decisions while distributing the ball quickly and accurately as he moves his team down the field and in the end zone.

You also selected {{answer_62256357}} as the primary skill for your young athlete to bring to the table. In our research with coaches we found that Accuracy is the #1 skill that coaches are looking for incoming freshman QBs to have. (You’re 2 for 2!)


You’d mentioned that {{answer_62256401}} is the most important trait for a young QB to possess. When coaches are looking at how character and skill work together, they told us that Leadership paired with Accuracy is the powerhouse combination in a player. (Now 3 for 3!)


Many people think that the {{answer_62256410}} is the most important offensive concept to master on the field. We learned the majority of coaches also lean heavily on the quick pass game. If your QB is accurate, and willing to work hard to master the quick pass game, his chances to be a starting freshman QB are high. (You’re 4 for 4!)

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